Indian soil from time immemorial has been source of avatars of Divine power. Whenever there arose any violence, or ill-human activities flourished then and there Narsingh, Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Shri Budh mahaveer who ignited the light of knowledge, message of peace, protection of religion and lessons of humanity for the welfare of their people. This divine land has been re-installing the divine heritage and rich civilization through eminent Sages and Rishis like Maharishi Vyas, Devarishi Narad, Maharishi Senakati, Maharishi Valmiki, Yobya, Kannav, Yakna Valkya, Maharishi Sandipani and Param Vidushi Garghi, Kalyani,Maythreyi and Param Pawan Sati, Anasooya Savitri,Seeta, Drowpadi have enriched her with their birth.The great teaching of eminent scholars like Paramahans,Ramakrishna,Swami Ram Tirth,Swami Dayanand, Mahatma Kabir, Param Yogi, Swami Vivekanand and enriching the whole of humanity even today.

Through these lines we are introducing Daivibakth Sampoorna Gita Vyas Lokasamgraht Jagadguru Maha Mandaleswar 1008 Brahmaleen Poojyapad Swami Shri Vidyanandji Maharaj in whose memory not only the people of India but of Asia, Africa and Europe bows giving respect for Swamiji, since he has travelled long and wide in these lands.

Swamiji’s was a simple but unique personality. Possessed a very good moral character. He was rigid and flexible! Rigid to adhere to the principle of life and flexible in attitude towards the fellow men. A good orator, though small in height of his physique, he was having higher values for welfare of society, towards the people is commendable. This in short will suffice the qualities Swamiji had and put in practice as well.

He was famous for his teachings on Shreemad Bhagvat Gita, the living magnum opus of literature! By sharing the nector of Divine Upanishad, Puranas sankruti and Shreemad Bhagwad Gita with humanity, he was actually leading them towards PARAMATMA, which in form provided peace, sacrifice, joy and brotherhood among the people. “Physical body get deteriorated but divine knowledge never get exhausted.” (Gyan is ananth). This was well known to Poojya Swamiji through Gita Prachar Centres, Groups and Organisations, which he established in various villages and cities made known to the people all over the richnes of Gita Gourav,Adhyatma Ramayan Upanishad.This in turn proved the way for wellbeing in society and thus enabled better civilization, culture along with divine knowledge of self and “Nish Kama Karma” leading to a meaningful & fruitful life!

Poojaya Maharaj Shree’s main centres of such activities were in Ahmedabad & Baroda in Gujarat, Kashi (Varanasi) in Uttarachal, Nagpur in Maharastra and Karnali also in Gujarat from where he began his yatra. His style was not only of preaching but through social services activities like hospitals, clinics, ayurvedic clinics, schools, hostels, college, women welfare centers, child welfare centers, Dharmashalas. These centers provided a source for relief and rehabilitation activities during times of Tempest, Flood, Spread of Diseases like Plague etc. His center was always giving meaning to “Aharnish Seva Mahae” (Always at your service) – the Vedic stanza. “Gita Dharma” now “Gita Prachar” – the magazine published from Shree Gita Mandir, Ahmedabad, has also enabled for bringing Swamiji’s teaching on Sheemad Bhagwad Gita to the masses in India and abroad.

Pivotal center (Gaadi) of all 16 Shree Gita Mandirs is at Ahmedabad in Gujarat, the former capital city of the state of Gujarat in India. From here all activities of various Gita Mandirs are being carried out and controlled.

By the grace of Goddess Shree Gita Mataji, the presiding deity, after Samadhi of Poojya Swamiji, Gita Vyas Loksangrahi “Prem Moorthi” Poojyapad Ananth Shree Vibhooshid Maha Mandaleshwar Swami Shree Sadanandji Maharaj succeed him. Swami Sadanandji Maharaj proved himself as a true predecessor by his distinguished qualities like love, sacrifice, service and clean character. He expanded the activites of “Gita Prachar” by establishing new Gita Mandirs at the capital of Bengal- Kolkata, Haridwar & Badrinathi in Uttarakhand, Pune in Maharashtra, Dibrugadh in Assam, Shree Vridavan Dham and Gondhia. By his adorable nature of quality care and concern for the betterment of society, especially to the lover strata. Maharajshree was easily accessible to even for a child at any hour of the day. Swamiji Shree Sadanandji Maharaj through his teaching and political services enabled spread of message of Shreemad Bhagvad Geeta in India and many other countries of Asia as well.

The present President of all Gita Mandirs (Gaadipati) Poojaypad Geetavyas “Karma Yogi” Acharya Maha Mandaleshwar Anantha Shree Vibhooshid 1008 Swami Shree Satyanandji Maharaj is fulfilling the noble programmes (detailed activities given else where).

A bird’s eye view

The great visionary Poojaya Maharajshree Vidhyanandji after he got enlightened at Karnali Cave came out with the intention of spreading the message of Shreemad Bhagvad Gita for benefit of the masses all over. His modus operandi was to open and operate branches of Gita Mandir in pivotal centers, since his earlier practice of moving from one village to another by himself, sometime by foot, was tedious and time consuming. By spreading through branches not only preaching, other basic needs of people were taken into consideration like medical needs, educational needs and food & accommodation. In short his aim was to solve the problems faced by the people and thus making them happy and contented, so that the message will take root in them easily. It is rightly said – “Great things are not done by impulse but by series of small things brought together.”

A clean and clear-cut strategy was formulated for this purpose. Centre of all activities will be at Ahmedabad from where all branches will be controlled and guided to have the best results. Thus Shree Gita Mandir Ahmedabd became the Jurmuth of activities, from the date of inception in 1940. The old city of Ahmedabad was the former capital of the state of Gujarat in India. All ancient Indian cities were developed on the banks of river as they facilitated easy transportation of goods as well. In addition river banks provided pleasant climate for living and all alluvial soil produced more agriculture products, grains and vegetables. The city of Ahmedabad was not an exception. River Sabarmati is the caretaker of the city. It is famous for its rich civilization and cultural background. This city is called the “Manchester” of India. Thus Poojya Swamiji selected Ahmedabad as the seat of “Pramukh Gaadi” (Chief center for Guruji’s Seat) for Shree Gita Mandirs of India and abroad, Shree Gita Mandir Ahmedabad is the capital. At present Poojya Swami M.M.Satyanandji maharaj is guiding all branches from here with his able and enriched experience and masterey over the art of administration. Poojya swamiji is third generation in the link of guruji’s ancestroy. The first and foremost being Swami Shree Brahmaleen Mahamandleshwar Vidhyanandji Maharaj and second in line is Poojay MM Sadanandji Maharaj.

Apart from daily Pooja and Aarti in morning and evening, Shree Gita Mandir Ahmedabad has wide range of social service and welfare charitable activities such as Alopathy Clinic, Ayurvedic Dispensary, Dental Cilnic, Vizion Clinic, Panch Karma “Kanni” centers all run charging very nominal amounts, easily affordable to poor people of all caste and creed who enjoy the facilities from the last so many years. Also “Yagya” and “Anushthan” are performed in auspicious days. “Gita Prachar” is a monthly publication which enables reaching the message of Shreemad Bhagvad Gita among devotees in India and abroad. For students classes are conducted on Shreemad Bhagvad Gita, “Upnishad”, “Purana”, Vedas by which the atmosphere of Mandir becomes a place with enriched positive vibration of divine power. Religious Books are published and distributed at no loss or no profit level. The Mandir’s book stall is a place where one can get “Pooja Samagri” at reasonable rates.

Bapu, as he is known among his devotees rather friends MM 1008 Swami Satyanandji Maharaj was crowned as Gadipati of institution on 10/01/2013.